The 3rd Edition M1911A1 REDUX is much larger than the 2nd edition, since there is now a 3D PDF of each model, as well as the entire and included M15 General Officers version; it's now 488 Mb.

While my website host, Squarespace,, can handle file downloads of this size, they charge a fee to do so. I like Squarespace for their classy format (or I wouldn't be here), but since the REDUX is non-profit and a free download, I can't afford to do things their way.

The REDUX, though dramatically improved and expanded, is still a free download, but you'll have to send me an email with your name and email address so you may be given access to my 'cloud' folder on Dropbox, Go to my "contact" page (click the link up at the top) to send me the email and I will send you the details of how to obtain access to my cloud folder, where the REDUX may be placed directly on your computer.

This may not be quite as simple as it used to be, but please believe me you won't be disappointed!

While the Drawing PDFs are simple 2D files, the 3D Model PDFs, which can be manipulated on your computer monitor in all 6 axes, with just a mouse (and the Adobe Reader, of course), are particularly helpful in interpreting the relationships of the various features of the Drawings that may not be readily apparent on the Drawings themselves.

Once you've obtained access to my REDUX 'cloud' folder, either by becoming a Dropbox Member (free for their Basic package) or just through my emailed Dropbox Invitation reply, you have the choice of the having the folder being placed directly on your computer with your membership, or you may download the files individually. Personally, I've found the Dropbox membership to be a very inexpensive method of transferring very large files that are unable to be emailed because of their size. Check out the advantages for yourself and then make your own decision.